This site is nothing but photos of Mount Evans; mostly from our former condo balcony, or City Park. There are a few other views, but the two locations make up the majority.

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We lived in Denver, Colorado for almost twelve years. For the first year and a half, we lived in a loft that would have had a good view of Mount Evans and the Front Range, if not for a big 18 story condo building across the street. The building was big European styled (neoclassical?) tower with a really good coffee shop on the ground floor. I thought it was ugly, but we eventually moved into it.

Lightning and the Prado. Denver, Colorado

We were about to have a baby, I needed a home office, and a loft wasn’t going to work. We happened on a listing for a unit in the Prado, and ended up getting it. It was on the fifth floor, and every window had a view of Mount Evans and the Front Range.

With such good views, and far too many early mornings, due to a baby, I was able to photograph Mount Evans for the next year and a half during a variety of weather conditions. I made about 14,000 exposures during that time. Eventually we moved to a new place in City Park, further east, and while we didn’t have a view of the mountains, we could walk over to the park for a great, albeit different, view of Mount Evans. We lived in that location for the next seven years, until we hit the road in our van. I didn’t make as many images from City Park, as it wasn’t nearly as convenient, but I still managed to get some great images.

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